How To Create a Facebook Account

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How To Create a Facebook Account

How To Create a Facebook Account – Facebook is one of the largest social media connecting more than 500 million people around the world.

Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg in the Year 2004 with the aim of connecting people round the globe, he then proceeded to create a means of earning his own cash which is the advertisement plan. We aren’t here to discuss how he made his money or something but to go into the tutorial of “how to create a Facebook Account”.

I created my facebook account since 2009 when facebook hasn’t become that popular then it seem hard but we’ve got easier way of creating our facebook accounts now.

Welcome to our tutorial today we’re gonna goin into how to create the facebook account straight to save time as we all have alot to do by this time of the day.

First of all You go into Your playstore if You use andoid, or Your appstore if You use iOS to get Your facebook app or login to your chrome web app, opera or any web app & type down & get started, make sure you have a strong data connection.

After getting an app You’ll be asked to either login or create an account, you’ll select create account & fill the forms out then boom You’re 30% done.

To be discovered on Facebook You’ll have to set up Your profile, how?

I know You might be thinking “Gosh this is another mad confusing stuff” but it’s damn easy, set up your location to be discovered by people around your own loction, upload your profile picture with a caption but you can choose not to.

Set up your primary school, secondary school, high institution addresses & so many others then You’re done already.

Surf facebook, add friends & connect with people.


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