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#stingymenassociation is turning into a pattern on Twitter as Don Jazzy joins the “Parsimonious Men Association” of Nigerian, SMAN.

“Ahh enrollment complete o. E wear be o” Don fun composed on Instagram.

On the character card which he posted, the proverb of the association peruses “Let Me See What I Can Do”

Before #stingymenassociation turned into a pattern via online media, a zambian man was supposedly captured for attack after he beat up his better half when she requested that cash make her hair.

Zambianobserver announced.

Mrs Mweembe “the spouse to the suspect” asked her significant other cash for her hair seven days prior yet the husband continued answering he is presently an individual from SMAZ and can’t bear to give her a K150 yet rather a K10. It began like a joke clarified the harmed spouse who was later hurried to Ndola Teaching Hospital..

12 different ways to join Stingy Men Association of Nigeria

No dates, no birthday showers, no infant showers

At the point when she says, I miss you, I love you, answer a day later

On the off chance that she ask you for cash or critical 2k, block her and erase her number

Dont actually send her vehicle cash or broadcast appointment, you are not her dad

A stinger should counterfeit a call to surge some place on the off chance that she brings her companion during a date or shopping.

Try not to offer to get your dates let her journey or take a transport

At the point when she request cash, A man should state:

allow me to perceive what I can do

I wish you had disclosed to me before

I’m anticipating some cash one week from now

allow me to get back to you

I will tell you or some other reasons to abstain from charging.

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